Hi, I’m Rishikesh Unhale.
Founder & CEO

I help people to learn English speaking through real-life experiences to live a dot-com lifestyle with your loved ones

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Let's have a seat!
Speak English fluently without even
Learning it. 

Since Jan 2017, we have built a digital empire through our websites and social media has helped people to improve their communication skills & social media strategies to become an influencer in no time.

As you grow your knowledge and experiences by implementing the strategies through our Live Bootcamps, Webinars, and the Global Telegram Community help you to learn all the underhand approaches that we've needed to apply for getting started from scratch.

It will guide you to master fluent English speaking #Live & to start your own Passive income sources by influencing your audience for living a dot-com lifestyle at an incredibly affordable price of one hour INR ₹349/year only.

We teach you English speaking skills, How to speak English in just 30 days?, How to speak fluent English?, Practice English like a native speaker, spoken English through weekly live sessions in a natural way.

Core Values
Who we are and what we aim to be are both deeply ingrained in our core values. Together they are quite motivational that help us move in the forward direction.

Learn How?

Create your own story by using our experience to master the art of everything you do.

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Keep Asking Why?

Be unstoppable in finding answers by creating something new

Be Better

Go above and beyond the imagination for satisfaction over the perfection

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Take The First Step

We deliver unimaginable outcomes by thriving smart and elegant way

Stop learning traditionally, and start Living in English speaking instead of learning it.

Learn English speaking naturally through English and Marathi starting at just ₹49/-. Practice English speaking in a unique way. Build a community and grow together. Help others to help yourself.

India's #1 Growing Live English Learning Community of 10,000+ Active learners around the globe, where you can practice English speaking Live by sharing stories, experiences, activities, learning strategies and many more.

Save efforts by avoiding learning advanced expressions, English grammar hacks, and advanced vocabulary with Alternatives through the Live English speaking Bootcamp - Learn English Online for one year with Telegram's global community at just ₹949/year.


Our online Facebook Live/ Telegram/ Facebook Room are live, 30 minutes a day practice sessions, 2 hours per week with professionals by sharing stories of your daily routine, dream, life, goals, movies, motivational quotes, games, cartoons like One Piece, and many more.

Learn Live Spoken English For Free | English Podcast |Facebook Live | Telegram | Learning Strategies | Advanced Methods | Learn Live English Online For Free | How to speak English fluently? | Speak English from your First Lesson | VIP Membership Program| Listening Practices & Live Activities

The Bootcamp- Join this "first of its kind" Live Spoken English class, and VIP membership Program, designed to start your own journey of learning brief and effective spoken English - even if you have no prior experience of speaking English with a native speaker. 


The one-year live English Bootcamp explores the exciting overlap between speaking practices& strategies, advanced vocabulary with expressions, and their applications.


Learn English online from the best at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime for free. Get 2 years+ free live support and learnings as your personal English-speaking coach.

In this 90 days challenge, you'll be able to grow your beginner to advanced level spoken English with the weekly Live sessions on The Bootcamp and Facebook & Telegram VIP Membership Program(Private Group - Members only)

Since our founding, Eduease Softech Private Limited has had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques, and confidently move forward in their learning journey.


Known as the most interactive Online English Language Live Free Classes, we provide a wide range of resources with Advanced and Interactive Online Sessions In English. 


phrasalenglish101.com was born out of a simple idea: bringing high-quality, accessible, and affordable education to the entire learning and creative community. So, start experiencing an outstanding way of learning English with examples.  


For more free learning content, Join the #phrasalenglish101 campaign to make yourself confident enough to speak English with a native speaker. Never miss an update on daily sessions by subscribing to it for free.  


Unlock weekly massive amounts of English Expressions and Advanced Vocabulary for daily usage through the Bootcamp.


We invite you to explore our engaging and diverse inspiring content and stop by for a visit at your convenience. 


We have one goal in mind: giving our students the best, most rewarding learning experience for free.

Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us today!