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5 Steps to Learn Stunning English in an Amazing Way!

Updated: Jul 13

Nowadays, Education and Businesses are dependent on global connectivity.

People from distinct cultures have been communicating with each other every day.

We all know English is known to everyone all over the world.

There are many reasons to learn English to create your presence in this competitive world.

Learning a new language means we have to know their culture and the history of their origins in depth. But, have you ever heard that more than 95% of people failed to learn a language only due to intense procrastination and lack of motivation.

Although, learning the English language is quite interesting as compared to other international languages.

Today, we are going to learn the 5 - stunning steps to learning English without any hustle by avoiding extreme procrastination. This method will explore the importance of language learning with lots of inspiration.


I am Rishikesh, An engineer turned infopreneur, WIX developer, cycle rider and now a linguistic trainer, and I am going to share the journey of learning English speaking, by revealing the enigmas, "Why more than 95% of people failed learning a new language?"

So, welcome to the new Era of learning #Live English online with active learners around the globe for absolutely free.

What if I told you, you could achieve whatever you want in just a matter of time if you follow these steps honestly, would you? If yes, then let me tell you, you are going to speak English confidently in just 90 days. Let us Enjoy the Journey towards Fluency that I am about to share with you. Buckle up!

Find the Reasons why you want to learn English speaking?

As I have told you earlier that more than 95% of people failed to learn a new language. They must have stopped their journey of learning a language due to a lack of motivation only.

The reason behind all that is, no specific goal to make it happen.

I have experienced one thing in my life, if we have a dream to fulfil, we can achieve anything until its accomplishment.

The same thing applies here. If you don't know why you are learning English speaking, you will never get that fluency and confidence while speaking in English like Native speakers.

When you have a goal, you'll thrive to achieve it. No matter how it would be difficult to get it. And, that kind of motivation to reach your goal (for example: Getting Financial Freedom after a long-term hustle).

First things first, initially you need to write it down honestly in your notebook, "Why do you want to speak in English fluently?" like for "getting a job or making an impression in society or maintaining your Living standards or creating a business Empire".

For What do you want to learn English speaking so eagerly? Mention it @phrasalenglish101

Create your deadline to Make it Happen

Once you have defined your Goal " Why do you want to learn English speaking?", after that you will have to set up a "Deadline" to achieve your fluency within it.

Otherwise, you will end up in an Endless Loop of the learning process forever. Eventually, you wouldn't speak English very well.

If you want to avoid this situation, Set up a deadline with a timetable. Like, how much time are you willing to invest in practising spoken English online with phrasalenglish101.com?

Stay focused while Practicing Conversational English! But, How You'll Avoid Procrastination?

This is the most dangerous "NIGHTMARE" in terms of learning English online. Procrastination occurs when you don't have a proper goal, motivation and inspiration to make it happen within the given deadline.

If you ever start procrastinating even at once, you will never get out of it until you will lose everything in Life.

Would you like to avoid it? If yes, then I shared the story "How Procrastination took 3 years of my life by being nothing just learning without having any direction?".

I must say, you won't want to do this ever in your Life if you want to become successful as no one has ever become!

Stop Procrastinating and Start Implementing! Remember why you started this?

Do not Learn the English language - Enjoy the Learning Process!

If you ever try to remember spoken English, instead of trying to learn English you should quit learning it.

The reason is, that the more you will try to learn - the more you will lead towards procrastination! The only way to practice English is to enjoy the process itself.

I am gonna show you how?

  • Understand the situation/context

  • find the words that you need to speak

  • Create a sentence structure without reading over the Internet

  • Add the vocabulary into that structure

  • Try to speak it even if you are wrong - No one is going to punish you if you are wrong!

Keep enjoying it until it's done...

Think in English - Don't Overthink Though!

The last step to keeping you motivated is to practice thinking in English. Now, you would be asking yourself, I don't know how to speak in English, how on the earth, I am supposed to be started thinking in English?

Yeah, well, that's also a good question. But, I am going to share a method that I used back then when I was learning to speak English fluently.

  • Watch your favourite movie with subtitle

  • Hear it actively

  • Start thinking about it from your native to the English language - like you are doing the discussion about the movie try to add your own words or your native language words

  • Slowly, you will remove these native words from your thinking and replace them with the English vocabulary.

  • No wonder, you should have patience if you want to achieve your goal by learning spoken English.

Keep Practicing English online for Free!

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Today, you have learned about the method to avoid procrastination and start learning the English language from your first lesson as I had, when I began my journey of English speaking. Be Confident- See you in the next one


Have you ever encountered procrastination while doing your daily mundane chores?

Let me know in the community- if you would like to share your experience with us, what did you do to overcome it? That would be appreciated much more than you think!

Thank You for being here!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” #EleanorRoosevelt

Learn Spoken English by being #Social - HAVE FUN!

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