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How did this Motivational Quote, help me to find my Purpose?

Updated: Jul 18

Mostly, people quit because of a lack of patience and makes the biggest mistake of their life. Sometimes, somehow a hustler reaches the end of all the efforts, but due to the over expectations from themselves beat them very badly which will lead to the depression

Well, that's the reason I decided to share my journey to motivate and get inspired other people and avoid quitting easily.

Whenever we started something different from others, we are putting all things at stake like money, time, effort, trust, patience, etc.

Well, now think about it, if you are betting on all of these precious things, why do you want to quit so easily?

Until now since I started my journey to become a digital Entrepreneur I faced many obstacles. Though, I didn't have any experience I learned how to start a business online without spending a fortune.

But, you know what after failing persistently 7 times for 5 years, I realized one thing that would be helpful for you to start your journey from scratch.

That's why I always wanted to share my journey with everyone which I started after my graduation till now. So that you would definitely get motivated and inspired by my hustle towards success with lots of sacrifices and never ever see yourself very low.

Hello everyone, this is Rishikesh Unhale an Engineer, WIX developer, cycle rider who adores cooking, turned digital Entrepreneur and now a Linguistic trainer.

And, from today I am going to share why and how I started building my dream in 2017 to become an entrepreneur, speaker, and linguistic trainer rather than working in a well-paid 9-5 corporate job?

Despite, coming from a middle-class family, I had to learn a lot to build a digital empire without spending a fortune and I succeeded too.

However, I have one skill which is rare nowadays, called "PATIENCE AND DETERMINATION WITH LOTS OF CONFIDENCE ON MYSELF" and that's pretty much important, right?

Well, to fulfil or start something different you will have to take the wholesome responsibility.

Like "LAO TZU" said-

" The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"

And I have done something like this. I simply started my journey with lots of overthinking and self-doubts.

You must have known that till now if you have started the journey, these two words are the worst enemy of any Entrepreneur ( overthinking & self-doubts ) and it's common.

But, I must say you can do anything without quitting everything. I started working on my dream by implementing actively with the help of motivational quotes like this.

It helps me always to get motivated and inspired by the motivational stories which I read in my life.

This journey will definitely help you to find out your true purpose to live a life by fulfilling your dreams without any sacrifices.

Let's be the change to change the world👉

Join us to make a better world of hope, Truce, and Success with honesty. From today, I am going to share my story and will make sure you will be enough motivated to make your dreams come true.

This is my personal mission to make you confident & help society without wasting time and energy like I had to.

Are you willing to change the world?

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Just because experiences take a while to see results for most people, it doesn’t mean you can’t see results faster. You just need to think outside the box and take action by avoiding procrastination.

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Keep yourself Motivated!!!
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