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Outstanding English Idioms for Describing Rain - Download the PDF Now

Imagine, you are in the middle of a perfect conversation and you want to use an Outstanding English Idioms for Describing Rain in a modern way like a native English speaker.

Wouldn't be remarkable if you use advanced English idioms instead of saying "it's heavy rain" or "unexpected raining" or "raining just started"?

Or you might say, right now in India it's bucketing down. Isn't it more like a more British person?

In this spoken English class, you will learn the mostly used English idioms with rainby the native speakers in a very memorable way. Thousands of students around the world already have been practicing it.

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Today, we'll talk about the 5 English Idioms for describing rainy weather like a British person. Let's get started!

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Nice/Lovely weather… for ducks

It's an Idiom which will be used for "heavy rain, in which only ducks can enjoy the weather - sarcastically saying, though"


A: How can someone work so hard in such heavy rain?

B: Lovely weather for ducks, isn't it?

It's raining cats and dogs

It is also similar to the previous one- " very heavy rain"

But it describes much more heavy rain than the first one. Like, no one could do their daily chores.


A: Haven't you reached your destination yet?

B: No, the roads have been blocked. It's raining cats and dogs.

A storm is brewing

It means, " there is going to be a heavy storm". You can use this English idiom if you ever see cloudy weather.


A: We let go of the students to their homes.

B: That's a good decision. it might be a storm brewing. What do you think?

A: Yeah, that's why I let them go before 5:00 PM


‘Drizzle’ means light rain or barely noticeable rain


A: You can go to the supermarket now.

B: Though, it's drizzling. I can buy some household things as per the list, okay?


An unexpected rain shower.

When there is sunny weather but, unexpectedly starts drizzling or timming.


A: Don't be so frustrated! How can I know, that there will be rain in this hot weather?

B: It's a sunshower. Forget about the assignment now.


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English idioms with Rain - DOWNLOAD PDF
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Let’s Wrap up - English for beginner's

Outstanding English Idioms for Describing Rain - Download the PDF Now

Now I can confidently say that you can use these English idioms for rainy weather instead of any alternatives confidently.

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